SKTA Innopartners hosts 12 startups at the Spring 2017 Demo Day

Startup Demo Day – Spring Edition

April 4, 2017

On April 4, 2017, SKTA Innopartners held its Spring Demo Day. Twelve startup companies showcased their products to nearly 100 potential angel investors, VCs and corporate partners in a rapid fire pitching session, followed by product demonstrations, networking and reception.

Presenting Startups

Advanced wireless technology enabling real time indoor/outdoor visibility of logistics containers in motion.
Virus-based sensor platform advancing air chemicals and pathogens detection for growing industrial and healthcare needs.
Hardware agnostic, Industry 4.0 computer vision and machine learning software to inspect and monitor material quality, reliability and manufacturing processes.
Solutions for precise location and identification of smart devices inside vehicles to improve driver safety and enable targeted passenger infotainment/e-commerce communication.
Behavior analytics software service for medical caregivers of high risk persons by analyzing their eating, sleeping, activity, and device usage patterns at home.
Stethoscope for auto and industrial markets by apply sonic analysis to improve predictability of maintenance, failure and inventory sales.
BOHH is developing a secure banking platform that includes an AI voice-activated bot to produce a seamless secured real time transaction of data, with a unique multi-layered authentication approach that does not rely on web security or key store.
Graphene-based sensor to track an athlete’s dehydration, glucose and lactic acide levels in real time all via sweat.
Multi-cloud management tool that will reduce cloud expenditure up to 70% by bringing real-time cost analytics and automation in any hybrid/public cloud environment.
Award winning, fast growing Bay Area startup that is saving lives with its connected cardiac solution.
Network-as-a-service (NaaS) for IoT and content providers to directly connect with things and people over licensed and unlicensed spectrum at a fraction.
Enterprise IoT solution for energy management and workflow automation.