Corporate Development

SKTA Corporate Development is the North American based corporate development function for SK Telecom. We partner with disruptive companies and entrepreneurs to build out the next generation of technology innovation within the SK ecosystem. We work very closely with companies and become operationally involved as needed to maximize the leverage of SK Telecom’s resources, network, and technology domain expertise in a variety of emerging technology areas.

Communication: 5G, Video Processing, Interactive Video, Immersive Experience, Short Form Video

Media: OTT, IPTV, eSports, Music Steaming, Cloud Gaming, AR/VR

e-Commerce: Marketplace, Payments, Logistics

Security: Cybersecurity, Connected Home, Computer Vision, Access Control

Artificial Intelligence: AI, ML, NLP, Big Data

Mobility: Connected Vehicles, HD Mapping, Autonomous Vehicles, Micro Mobility, Ridesharing

Building New Businesses Globally

We evaluate and execute on a wide array of long term growth opportunities for SK Telecom via acquisition, growth equity investment, and strategic partnerships. We leverage industry and technology trends in Communication, Media, e-Commerce, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, as well as other emerging areas to create new business opportunities and revenue streams globally.

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